Oakville Beaver Readers Choice Winners

Oakville Beaver Readers Choice Winners

Oakville Beaver Readers Choice Winners

The final results for the Oakville Beaver Readers Choice awards are in and Acorn won a very impressive 10 awards.

TopList Of The Awards We Won

1. Best Chiropractic Clinic – 1st PLACE (Diamond Award)

2. Best Chiropodist/Podiatrist – Vanessa Pontet, 2nd PLACE (Platinum Award)

3. Best Chiropractor – Dr. Jenna Davis, 1st PLACE (Diamond Award)

4. Best Massage Therapist – Talisa Champoux, 1st PLACE (Diamond Award)

5. Best Massage Therapist – Amanda Sciberras, 2nd PLACE (Platinum Award)

6. Best Massage Therapist – Sara Stinson, 3rd PLACE (Gold Award)

7. Best Nutritionist – Kim Niblett, 1st PLACE (Diamond Award)

8. Best Sports/Physiotherapist – Robyn Synnott, 1st PLACE (Diamond Award)

9. Best Naturopath – Dr. Nahid Ahmedzadeh, 2nd PLACE (Platinum Award)

10. Best Naturopath – Dr. Nasreen Vojdani, 3rd PLACE (Gold Award)

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